Theory Assessment 1.7

Theory Assessment 1.7
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State the different assessment methods available and explain the ones you would use for your subject area, including reference to initial assessment. State the types of assessment records you would complete and explain why.
Each learner is required to complete an initial assessment and interview record designed to check understanding and development within any subject area. All these tools are used to gather the correct information about the individual learner and their needs to ensure they are placed onto the correct programme at a suitable level and that any support can be provided if needed. If any additional support is required from the assessment then an assessor shall carry out an action plan.
Most of our learners are observed doing their practical activities in their work place as this is the best method to measure their progress. Witness testimonies are needed in some cases, usually the supervisors will make a written statement as they spend more time with the individual student and see what progress has been achieved. Also I use a Digital Voice Recorder to record the evidence that I have observed which is an excellent method, as not all learners and employers are suited to academic writing and this method also saves valuable time for a busy working environment. In all cases it is vital that the authenticities of the witness testimonies are verified and they are true of the learner and the provider of the information. The information ascertained is then placed into the students??™ NVQ portfolio. The student, employer and I keep a copy of the work achieved to monitor the ongoing progress of the individual student.
When checking the progress of a learner throughout their programme it is vital to have a comprehensive form of assessment to ensure that the overall aims of the course have been met. The final assessment is often completed as a computer based touch screen Health and Safety assessment in which the learners` grasp of their subject area will be tested. A final portfolio of work can also achieve this by submitting the work completed throughout the programme.
Record keeping is also a vital part of my role in assessing the students` progress and any individual strengths and weaknesses they may have, this is then used for giving feedback to the student and it encourages confidence and motivation. Progress reviews are also carried out and recorded along with regular discussions about their progress with the learner. Every bit of information is stored in a learner??™s personal file and all the information is kept confidential unless otherwise agreed.

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