The Top Three Programming Languages

Page 1 The most suggested programming languages for video games 10/4/10
JR McCrary

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After listening to my speech my audience will know the top 3 programming languages for video games.

The top three computer programing languages for video games

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Have you ever wondered how a video-game is created when you think video-game what comes to mind Is it a product of hours of work ,or is it something that can be done in a blink of an eye
Im here to try to explain the different ways to program a video-game. In the next 4 to 6
minutes Im going to tell you about the top three programming languages Java, c ++, and c.
Now some of these languages are unique but some have their similarities like c and c ++. Both of these come form the same base language but as you can probably imagine c++ is far more complex while c is user friendly. But enough about c and c++ lets talk about java, no not the coffee were going to talk about the programming language.

1. Question
2. I have programing experience
3. The top three computer programing languages for video games
c c++ and c mentioned
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Java script
a. the best and most suggested scripting language
b. voted most likely to keep you employed in office conditions on
C + +
a. complex
b. highly suggested scripting language
c. the language used to program halo 1, 2, 3, odst, wars, and reach according to
d. voted second most likely to keep you employed on
a. easy to learn
b. helps you understand how to use C + +
c. voted 3rd best to keep you employed on and

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Now that we have covered the top three programing languages, Im going to say is not for
everyone, and in some cases can be difficult. But if you have a knack for it you may wish
to check out the website Its a Lego-like but not Lego affiliated website that
promotes safe play for kids, and programming opportunities for anybody interested.
but like I have stated programming can be hard, and sometimes not rewarding, but just like
life persevere, and you will be rewarded for your hard work

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